Hangover Relief
IV Therapy

Hangover got you feeling down? We have got you covered.

You’ve partied the night away. Perhaps you mixed your alcohols throughout the night or played some drinking games. Whether it was a celebration or an evening of escaping the work week’s stress, you know that there will be repercussions in the form of a nasty hangover. Luckily, we at Udripiv, can get you feeling better. In a session lasting about half an hour, you can receive an hangover treatment IV that will replenish your fluids and electrolytes. Electrolytes are essentially your body’s salts: calcium, potassium, magnesium, and they help maintain the flow of necessary fluids throughout your body’s cells. These hangover treatment IV fluids are injected directly into your system.

 You are dehydrated. Alcohol slows the release of a hormone that allows the kidneys to absorb both water and electrolytes, allowing fluids to be flushed out. You may also have experienced excessive sweating causing further dehydration. Your heart is working overtime as well, leading to some constriction of blood vessels. This may lead to some dehydration headaches.

Your gastrointestinal system is seriously irritated. Your stomach lining and intestines are inflamed. Gastric and intestinal acids may be released causing greater pain and the need to vomit.
When morning comes you feel an instant sense of regret as your head pounds and your stomach threatens to erupt and dislodge its contents, adding to your overall sense of misery. You want to spend the day with your head under a pillow. Sadly, you cannot go back in time and undo the previous night’s drinking, but there is help available.

Help is on the way!

While it is important to drink water while hungover, you have to sip it slowly throughout the day, stretching out the recovery time. Our hydration therapy speeds up this aspect of the hangover recovery process enabling your body to function more normally in a quicker time.

Additionally, part of our version of the hangover treatment IV includes a non-narcotic pain reliever to help with the headache, and any other pain that may have arrived in the morning (we all think we’re stronger or faster after a few drinks). The pain-killer will not wreak havoc on your sensitive stomach the way swallowing pills could since it is part of the hangover treatment IV and speaking of sensitive stomachs, we have added an anti-nausea medication to put a stop to stomach convulsions and vomiting.

After a hangover treatment IV, your heart should return to its normal rate as it does not have to work extra hard to fight the dehydration consequences. This should bring a calming effect to both your physical and mental state, helping to quell the feeling of anxiety that often accompanies hangovers.

Important Disclaimer!

The hangover treatment IV is wonderful, but it is not a complete cure for hangovers. We can help the main symptoms associated with dehydration: headaches and nausea, but this does not sober anyone up. Furthermore, this does not restore energy levels depleted by restlessness caused by poor REM sleep. Finally, this does not in any way treat an alcohol addiction and should not be considered for that purpose.

Our Core Essence

While not a “hangover cure,” IV therapy provides help to return you to a state of hydration and back to feeling normal. Hangovers are avoidable, and the best thing for your body is to consume alcohol in moderation and avoid binge drinking. However, in the event of a rough morning after a night of over-consumption of alcohol, we are more than happy to help you feeling like yourself again.