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uDrip iv is the leading provider of IV hydration and vitamin therapy. We offer mobile hydration therapy services throughout Florida and we can treat you in the comfort of your home, office, or any other location. All our specialized treatments are tested and monitored by a board-certified Physician and they are delivered by licensed registered nurses and paramedics who have the necessary training and experience. IV therapy has been used in hospital settings to treat a range of conditions from dehydration to nutrient-absorption disorders but it’s increasingly offered at independent clinics that pledge to help people feel better without having to utilize already burdened and expensive emergency departments.

While IV Therapy is most known as a hangover cure in party cities like Las Vegas, New Orleans, and Los Angeles, IV therapy is also given to people with migraines, fibromyalgia (chronic widespread pain and heightened pain response to pressure), and chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as those who want a nutritional, athletic, energy, beauty or immunity boost

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Dr. Vashun Rodriguez

Medical Director
Dr Rodriguez was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. He graduated from New York University with a degree in psychology and obtained a medical doctorate and a Masters in Public Health degree in epidemiology from Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Jersey. He successfully finished his internship in internal medicine at the prestigious Montefiore medical center in the Bronx, followed by a three year residency in emergency medicine at Jacobi/Montefiore hospitals in affiliation with Albert Einstein medical school. Throughout his professional career, he has dedicated himself to serving the local community and the underserved globally. He has practiced medicine in Ecuador, Haiti, The Gambia, East Africa, and New Zealand. He is currently an Asst professor of clinical emergency medicine at the USF emergency medicine residency program at Tampa General hospital, and a clinical associate at Lakeland Regional hospital’s emergency department. In addition to his clinical duties, Dr. Rodriguez proudly serves as a flight surgeon and Major in the United States Air Force Reserve at MacDill Air Force Base. His interests include martial arts, photography, and traveling. We are proud to have him on our team!

Kenny Sweitzer, Jr.

Founder, Paramedic
Kenny, a native of St. Petersburg, Florida, embarked on his journey in the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) field at the age of 19 in Tampa, FL, where he also completed his Associate of Arts Degree. Subsequently, he ventured into firefighting while working with a local ambulance company, where he serendipitously met his future wife. Kenny’s entrepreneurial spirit had deep roots, stretching back to his childhood when he sold autographs online. In January 2019, Gina had the brilliant idea to establish a Mobile IV company, and Kenny enthusiastically embraced the concept. Fast forward, they’ve successfully run their business for more than 4 years, forming partnerships with a recovery center and expanding to two locations.

Gina-Marie Sweitzer

Founder, Paramedic
Gina, hailing from Ocala and raised in Largo, Florida, has nurtured a lifelong dedication to aiding others. Her journey towards making a difference led her to become a Fire Medic, with the aspiration of assisting as many people as possible. At the age of 22, she set foot on the path of firefighting, later pursuing a career as a Paramedic. Alongside her compassionate nature, Gina harbored an entrepreneurial spirit. This led her to blend her passion for holistic medicine and paramedicine, ultimately discovering her calling in the field of Intravenous medicine. Fueled by this vision, Gina and Kenny embarked on their entrepreneurial journey, establishing their first business in 2019 and welcoming their first customers in 2020.